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Excel VBA Cell Comments: Accessing and reporting on cell comments throughout an Excel workbook

Excel, VBA and Variant Arrays: How to improve the processing perfomance of VBA code in Excel

File Attributes In VBA: How to access and interpret file attributes in VBA, with examples in Excel.

VirtualBox Physical To Logical Server: Step by step instructions on how to virtualise a physical PC or server for the VirtualBox platform

VBA Dictionary Object - Part two: More on how to use the Dictionary object in VBA, with Excel as the platform.

VBA Dictionary Object: Introducing the Dictionary object for VBA, with examples using Excel

IronPython and IronPython Studio: Introducing the .NET version of Python and the supporting IronPython Studio IDE

Agile Development In 30 Seconds: A fast introduction to the key practices of an Agile Developer

Eclipse In 30 Seconds: A quick over-view of the Eclipse IDE

Excel VBA Tutorial: An introduction to programming Microsoft Excel using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)

Debugging Excel VBA: An introduction to debugging VBA code in Excel's Visual Basic environment

File System Object Tutorial: A tutorial on using the File System Object with VBA

Groovy Databasing With Apache Derby: An introduction to database programming with Groovy and using the Apache Derby database

Introduction To Apache Derby: An introduction to the Apache Derby database

Introduction to Groovy and XML: How to get started with XML processing using Groovy

JDBC-ODBC - Quick Introduction: A short tutorial on using the JDBC-ODBC Bridge - examples of how to interface MS Access and Java

NetBeans 6.1 and MySQL: A tutorial that looks at the new database functionality in NetBeans 6.1 and MySQL

Quantiles In 30 Seconds: What are quantiles? A simple introduction to percentiles and quartiles

Standard Deviation In 30 Seconds: A non-mathematical introduction to standard deviation

SQL Tutorial: A three-part introduction to the basics of SQL

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